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Use of English (45 minutes) Part 1

НазваниеUse of English (45 minutes) Part 1
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Департамент образования Ивановской области

Институт повышения квалификации и переподготовки педагогических кадров


по английскому языку

II тур

Иваново 2008

Департамент образования и институт повышения квалификации и переподготовки педагогических кадров предлагают образцы заданий ll тура Олимпиады по английскому языку для учащихся 8-х и 9-х классов.

Сроки проведения олимпиады

l тур — школьная ( октябрь-ноябрь)

ll тур - городская, районная (13 ноября)

В олимпиаду включаются задания по всем видам речевой деятельности в соответствии с действующим государственным стандартом и требованиями к Российской олимпиаде. Задания подразумевают наличие у учащихся развитых речевых умений по английскому языку в объеме школьного курса. Общая сумма не должна превышать 110 баллов.

  1. Чтение - 20 баллов

  2. Лексика и грамматика - 40 баллов

  3. Письмо — 20 баллов

  4. Говорение — 30 баллов

Примечание. Тексты и задания по аудированию подбирают члены олимпиадной комиссии.

Критерии оценки устной и письменной речи в олимпиадных заданиях для учащихся 10-11 классов

Составители: Беляева М. Ф. - методист по английскому языку ИПК и ППК

Варламова Л.А.-учитель английского языка высшей категории НОУ лицей «Гармония» г. Иванова

^ Use of English (45 minutes)

Part 1

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A,B,C or D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0)


0 A further B older C greater D more

0 A

Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.

The history of the teddy bear goes back no (0) ... than 1903. In that year, a cartoon (1) ... in an American newspaper showing president Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt (2) ... to shoot a bear cub on a hunting expedition. Soon after this, a toy shop owner in New York made some toy bears and (3) ... them in his shop window with a sign that (4) ... «Teddy's Bear».These bears proved to be so popular that they soon (5) ... out, and it wasn't long before the factory was established to (6) ... advantage of the (7) ... demand for these new toys.

At about the same time , the Steiff toy factory in Germany had introduced a kind of (8) ... toys, made (9) ... mohair and wood shavings, with movable heads and limbs. Learning about the (^ 10) ... of teddy bears in the USA, Steiff decided to (11) ... making these as well and they were modelled on the (12) ... bears in Stuttgart zoo. It is these early Steiff bears that are now most eagerly looked (13) ... by the collectors.

These days, teddy bears are a good investment for people who want to sell them years later at a much (14) ... price. However, it's obvious that most teddy bear lovers collect them for (^ 15)... rather than for profit.

1 A remarked B seemed C appeared D reported

2 A wishing B wanting C denying D refusing

3 A published B put C showed D introduced

4 A told B wrote C spoke D named

5 A sold B bought C taken D brought

6 A put B give C take D buy

7 A little B great C big D few

8 A nice B new C old D soft

9 A along with B down with C up for D out of

10 A popularity B beginning C making D shooting

11 A enter B put C open D begin

12 A little B toy C real D grown up

13 A at B through C after D for

14 A hotter B harder C heavier D higher

15 A choice B pleasure C charm D rest

Part 2

For questions 16-30, read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word that shouldn't be there.

If a line is correct, put a tick (v) by the number on the separate answer sheet. If a line has a word that should not be there, write the word on the answer sheet. There are examples at the beginning (0 and 00).

Examples: 0 whose

00 v


  1. am writing to recommend a book whose called «How to be Animal

..00...Friendly», which I read recently. This is a book for young people

16.....who are interested in animals but don't know how much about them.

17.....It has great cartoons and photographs and is packed with them facts

18.....about the relationship between people and animals. There are written

19.....chapters on vegetarianism, wearing fur and leather and endangered

20.....animals. It is written in such a way that it helps you for to see things

21 .....from the animals' viewpoint. In some of places, this book was much sad that I wanted to cry, but on the whole it is fun to read.

23.....As well as facts about the animals mostly themselves, there is also

24.....information about that what cruel people do to animals, and how

25.....people use animals for different things in various parts of the world.

26....It also tells you how animals have been saved people's lives. For


  1. I was amazed to read the such exciting story of how three wild bears

  2. saved a five-year-old girl when she got lost in the woods. I thought

  3. this book was excellent and would definitely recommend it as for anyone

30.....over the seven years old who wants to know more about animals.

Part 3.

For questions 31-40 read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.

There is an example at the beginning (0). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Example: 0 fascination


In the USA people have a (0) ..... for everything connected fascinate

with the wild west of the cowboy era. This had led to (31)..... vary

activities which are of interest to (32)..... who are travelling tour

around the western states. There are (33)..of wild west painting, exhibit

concerts of cowboy music and, most (34)..... of all, live rodeo excite

shows to watch.

Rodeos, where cowboys take part in horse-riding (35).....for big compete

money prizes, are (36)..... popular. There are 739 each year, held extreme

in giant (37)..... arenas as well as open-air show grounds across door

the west. Most of the riders are professional (38)..... but most of perform

the events were (39)..... based on the cowboys' everydayworking origin

tasks. Despite some concerns over possible (40) horses, cruel

most people enjoy watching rodeo.

Reading (45 minutes).

Part 1

For questions 1-10 read the story and complete it using the phrases below:

Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

^ A. one weekend F. I couldn't help myself

B. I wasn't a very happy man G. when I was living in Gdansk

C. it was a beautiful summer evening H. for the second time

D. had obviously found I. later that day

E. I couldn't believe it J. I began to feel more cheerful


This happened about 11 years ago (1)..... . I had some friends in Torun and I decided to drive down to see them (2)... . I arrived at their flat on Friday evening and and after about ten minutes I I went out to get my bag and some presents from the car. But I couldn't find my car keys! I looked everywhere, but nothing. I was really puzzled. We looked again (3) ....., and the next day and still nothing. I just didn't know what to do. In the end, I had to buy a return ticket to Gdansk. It takes about three and a half hours, one way. So I went home by train, got my spare set of car keys and came back.

  1. ... after travelling for almost eight hours. And then I had to drive back to Gdansk — another three hours by car.

  2. ... I said good-bye to my friends, got back into the car and set off. I remember (6)..... . As I drove along (7)..... I thought «Oh, well, it's just another little adventure.» The car radio was playing and I was looking at the field full of yellow flowers shining in the sunlight — then suddenly I saw them! I just stared at them. (8) ..... ! My car keys. Lying on the windscreen wipers. I just started laughing. (9)..... .

I drove on for another ten minutes just laughing and looking at my keys lying there on the windscreen wipers.

Someone (10) ..... my keys near the car and had left them on the windscreen. They could have just taken the keys and driven off in my car. So — was I lucky or unlucky?

^ Part 2

For questions 11-15 read the passage and put these headings in the correct places. One heading is extra.

A. Killed for tourism. B. The future leader.

C. Still in danger. D. A heroic death.

E. Useful hunting. F. Save the gorilla.


Digit was a shy , gentle mountain gorilla who was given his name

because of a broken finger.(«Digit» means «finger»). He was one of a group of eleven gorillas which was led by a large adult male known as Uncle Bert. In time, Digit would probably become leader himself, or gone off to start a new group of his own. But this never happened


Disaster struck on the last day of 1977, when Digit was killed by a gang of poachers, people who hunt and kill wild animals illegally. His group had been chased for five kilometres and some of the younger gorillas were too terrified and too tired to keep running. To save his group Digit stayed to fight the poachers and gave the other gorillas a chance to escape.


The saddest thing about Digit's death is that he was killed only for his head and his hands. The poachers had been offered about $10 for them by a local shopkeeper. They would be solid to tourists.


Only one of Digit's killers was caught, but the others are probably still free and still poaching. They continue their illegal hunting in Virginia Volcanoes National Park. Although the park was set to protect the wild animals there, the park officers haven't got enough money or policemen to catch the poachers.

Only about 500 mountain gorillas are left, but this number is decreasing rapidly.


Wildlife organizations are now trying to raise money to protect the park and its wildlife. Money is needed to organize the park patrol against the poachers. Also, if more tourists visit the park there will be more money to help pay to for this project. Action must be taken quickly. If not, it is possible that many more mountain gorillas may meet the same end as Digit.

^ Part 3

For questions 16-20 read the text and choose the correct answer: A, B or C.


Some friends of my parents were on holiday in America. They got a car at the airport and decided to spend some days in New York. They were a bit nervous about being in New York Because of all the violent police movies they had seen on television, but after a few days they were feeling at home and visiting all the touristic places.

One night they drove back to the hotel after they had been to the cinema. They drive into the car park under the hotel and waited for the lift to the reception. As they waited they were thinking about the film they had seen. The car park was very dark and frightening. Just then, a big man with a very large dog came out of the darkness. The lift came and the couple hurried in. The big man ran to the lift and got in with his dog just before the doors closed. Immediately, the man shouted «Get down, Lady!» The terrified couple through themselves onto the floor and gave him all their money. As soon as the lift doors opened they ran out.

They decided to leave New York, so the next morning they went to the hotel reception to pay their bill. To their surprise, their bill had already been paid. The receptionist gave them an envelope. Inside they found the money they had thrown at the «robber» and a note saying , « I am sorry I frightened you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday. «Lady» is the name of my dog...»

  1. The couple were ... to stay in New York.

A. happy B. afraid C. bored

  1. One night they returned to the hotel after they ... .

A. had met the police B. had seen the film C. had seen the movie on television

  1. The ... seemed awful.

A. car park B lift C. man with the dog

19. .The couple thought ... .

A. the dog was large B the man was a robber C the lift was dark

20.The man asked ... to get down.

A. The lady B. the dog C. nobody


You have 30 minutes to do this task.

This is a part of a letter from your English pen friend.

...What wonderful news that you are arriving in London next month. It'll be good if you spend a week at my place. Any ideas as to what we might do together? What places would you like to visit in London? What food do you prefer eating? As for me I really love fish and chips.

Do let me know about your plans.



Write back to Peter answering his questions.

Write 100-140 words.

Remember the rules of letter writing.


Warm up

  1. How much free time have you got?

  2. What do you like doing in your free time?

  3. Do you spend more time with your family or friends?

Interlocutor Card

(3-3.5 minutes)

Let the student talk for about 2 minutes.

Ask only those questions which the student has not covered while giving a talk.

1. Where do you live: in a city, in a town or in a village?

2. Why is this place dear to you?

3. What is this place famous for?

4. What places of interest would you like to show to a visitor?

All of these ideas must be covered.

Finally, you must ask each student the following question:

Would you like to live in another place? Why?


Student card.

You have 3-3.5 minutes to do this task.

Give a 2-minute talk on the place where you live.

Remember to say:

  • if you live in a city, in a town or in a village

  • why this place is dear to you

  • what it is famous for

  • what places of interest you would like to show to a visitor

You have to talk for about 2 minutes. The teacher will listen to you until you have finished.

Then he/she will ask you some questions.



  1. C 16. how 31. various

  2. D 17. them 32. tourists

  3. B 18. written 33. exhibitions

  4. B 19. V 34. exciting

  5. A 20. for 35.competition

  6. C 21. of 36. extremely

  7. B 22. much 37. indoor

  8. D 23.mostly 38. performers

  9. D 24. that 39. originally

  10. A 25. V 40. cruelty

  11. D 26. been

  12. C 27. such

  13. D 28. V

  14. D 29. as

  15. B 30. the



1. G 11. B 16. B

2. A 12. D 17. B

3. I 13. A 18. C

4. B 14. C 19. B

5. H 15. F 20. B

6. C

7. D

8. E

9. F

10. D


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